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Permanent Teeth in 3 Days

Fixed Teeth on implants has been an exceptional comforter for people with partial or complete set of missing teeth. Conventional implantology involves 2 to 3 surgical procedures and a stretched out curing period, The obvious disability being, it leaves the patient with no teeth or a detachable makeshift prosthesis during the treatment time which, might extend upto 1 year.

In recent years permanent teeth in 3 days has been acknowledged as a prevailing protocol for the treatment of edentulous jaws. The ​​concept of immediate loading is not novel, it dates back to mid 1900's Yet, the innovation in technology has established its triumph.

Basal implants can be used to restore anywhere from a single tooth to an entire set of immediate functional teeth. Permanent teeth in three days is contemplated as one of the greatest sensible substitute and one of the finest combination of functionality and looks.

It offers effective and permanent solution for replacement of missing teeth with, high average life expectancy and best sense of assurance and prosperity. Immediate loading favors the Patients with natural looking teeth in three days while, the masticatory forces benefit the implants by promoting new bone cell growth around the implants and there by osseointegration

It is a conservative approach which involves a coalition of compressive, basal and pterygoid implants, based on the requirement. Basal implants are highly resistant to infections as they are inserted in the basal bone and do not require bone augmentation or elaborate surgical procedures and are indicated in diabetic patients and smokers as well.

Procedure of Permanent Teeth In 3 Days

Extraction of offending teeth and implant placement will be done on the first day, usually for a full mouth replacement we place 8 to 10 implants in the upper jaw and 6 to 8 implants in the lower jaw, for a full set of 28 teeth. Impressions are made for the fabrication of zirconium or metal fused porcelain teeth, which will be cemented on the third day, in the meanwhile an acrylic bridge will be fixed on the day of implantation so that when you step out of the procedure, your dental implants will be in place and you will drive home with a temporary set of teeth.​ ​To accomplish a high level of competence we observe rigid restorative and laboratory protocols.

There are other techniques of full mouth replacement like "All on 4" or "All on 6" implants but these are not reliable and the chances of implant failure are very high, and the patient ends up with only 10 - 12 teeth, where as molars are essential for efficient chewing.​ ​The permanent teeth in three days is especially suitable for overseas patients who don't have to come back for a second visit as a single sitting of about a week days will serve the purpose.

Benefits of Permanent Teeth In 3 Days

  • Minimally invasive procedure.
  • Affordable treatment.
  • Immediate restoration of chewing function.
  • Provides emotional and psychological benefits for a patient scheduled to be rendered edentulous.
  • Procedure can be finished is a single sitting of about a week days.
  • Life time warranty.