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Full Mouth Dental Implants

Loosing teeth is a dreadful experience which, not only damages your aesthetics, determination, but also your physical well being as, they are considered to be the gateway to a persons over all constitution.

Therefore it is fundamental to reinstate the lost teeth. Several people will be confused with teeth reconstruction substitute to go with, weighing the benefits of each against the expenditure, for a considerable period, dentures were the treatment of choice, if not popular keeping the affordability in mind.

Drawbacks associated with removable dentures

  • Continued degeneration of the jaw bone.
  • Unappealing droopy smile.
  • Discomfort in talking and chewing and bruised gums, which all together create an aged appearance and social stigma.

If you are analysing options to restore failing teeth or detachable dentures then fixed replacement of teeth on implants is an ideal suggestion as, you can reposess full set of fixed teeth which not only manifest and behave like native teeth but are also perennial.

Basal implants are able to transform the lives of people depressed with missing teeth with a full set of fixed permanent teeth in three days.

We at LBR Dental & Implant Center have made it possible to recreate the magic in a single visit extending up to a week days without involving any complicated procedures.

We remove the offending teeth if any, and place the implants on the same day and cement a full set of 28 teeth made of zirconium or porcelain fused to metal on the third day with minimal post-operative pain and discomfort, with the help of strategic permanent teeth in three days procedure.

This is the most dependable and leading edge technique which requires minimal post operative care. Replacement of teeth on conventional implants is an agonizing, time taking and a highend procedure with unreliable results because of the multiple units present in the implants and the traditional treatment protocols.

It is not an over statement to say that full mouth dental implants has been a path breaking innovation in the field of implantology.

Full Arch Upper:

Full set of 14 teeth including the second molar for better chewing efficiency can be replaced in the upper jaw in 3 days by placing 8 to 10 Basal Implants depending on the bone volume and also the prosthesis required.

We avoid intrusive procedures like the sinus lift and unreliable bone grafts as the implants are placed in the basal bone and Pterygoid bone which is present even in people with severely atrophied maxilla. By placing pterygoid implants, cantilevers can be avoided and patient will get a full set of 14 teeth as pterygoid bone is present in the posterior most portion of maxillary bone.

Lower Jaw:

Complete set of 14 teeth including the second molar can be replaced in the lower jaw in 3 days by placing 6 to 8 implants depending on the bone condition and prosthesis required. We avoid the complicated nerve repositioning procedure and rely on simple nerve bypass technique which is atraumatic and time tested.


  • Fixed stable teeth in 3 days
  • Single visit treatment.
  • Minimal post operative care.
  • Life time warranty.
  • Appear and perform like native teeth.