Low Cost Dental Implants

Missing teeth can distort the facial appearance, disturb the teeth alignment and also the jaw relation.

The oral cavity is the gate way to one’s well being and, a wise way to maintain the health of oral tissues is a periodic check-up and replace the missing or failing teeth if any.

The ideal way to replace partial or complete loss of teeth is by implantation as they offer a lasting provision for secured replacement of teeth which last for a life time. Implants help improve your aesthetics, regain your confidence. Advancement in the field of dental implants has made this a cost effective option and providing a second chance for people suffering from fitting dentures to lead a healthy and a satisfactory life.

LBR Dental and Implant Center, Hyderabad, India, offers affordable solution for fixed replacement of teeth on Swiss make single piece implants used world over which cost less than one-fourth of what it costs in European and other developing countries.

Low cost of treatment doesn’t mean, we compromise on the quality of the treatment, it will be on par with the European countries.

The treatment at our center is affordable due to following reasons:

  1. Single piece implants – it is a single entity there by reducing the cost of production.
  2. Bone grafts – not required there by reducing the treatment cost.
  3. No complicated surgeries required.
  4. Practitioners who are not confident or well experienced resort to surgical guides and also may need a mentor to decide the treatment plan which hikes the treatment cost but we at LBR dental and implant center have well experienced dedicated staff who are well versed with all the dental treatments.
  5. Immediate loading, the single piece implants are immediate loading, so a single visit of a week days will be sufficient for the entire treatment, there by reducing the travel expenditure.
  6. You need a center which is well equipped and properly maintained keeping in mind all standards of a sepsis and not a fancy office with rich interiors, who charge you  exorbitantly.

Advanced techniques in dental implantology

Endentulism is a chronic disease correlated with relevant health issues and malaise. Dental implants are now being used extensively to rehabilitate the lost teeth because of their high survival rate, fewer complications and also for providing immediate effective solution to the botheration.

Implant treatment procedure has evolved over the years with comprehensive treatment options to reduce the surgical intervention, the treatment duration and also the post operative discomfort. Few of the techniques introduced to increase the comfort level of the patient and also make the treatment affordable are:

1) Pterygoid implants:

These are a simple painless and cost effective solution to replace teeth in the posterior maxillary region. These implants are beneficial as they have been proved to be a successful alternative to surgical treatments like sinus lift and bone augmentation procedures. They also help avoid cantilevers in the upper jaw as these implants are placed in the posterior most part of the upper jaw that is distal to the second molar there by aiding in replacing complete set of teeth in the upper jaw.

They are associated with very high accomplishment rate and very nominal complications provided,they are placed properly.It requires a good surgical hand and experience to place these implants.

2) Zygomatic implants:

These implants are indicated in severely atrophied upper jaw where the placement of routine implants is not possible.

It is considered as an alternative treatment to

  • Sinus lift procedure.
  • After trauma.
  • Failure of previously placed implants.
  • Failed sinus lift.
  • Failure of bone augmentation procedures.

These implants help avoid bone augmentation procedures there by facilitating immediate and satisfying treatment.

​They accommodate a safe support for the fixed prosthesis where placement of conventional implants is not desirable due to lack of bone, they provide multicortical anchorage aiding immediate loading of implants thereby boosting patients confidence.


​Placing of implants in the posterior region of lower jaw is mandatory for occlusal stability and efficient chewing. In highly atrophied mandible, placement of Implants will be an issue as the Inferior alveolar nerve, the major nerve in the mandibular region will be positioned high due to bone loss.

​Nerve bypass, a suitable alternative to the complicated Nerve repositioning Surgery is the only Ideal option where in the Implants are placed such that they engage both the cortical plates of the jaw thereby providing more stability and permanent solution to the prosthesis.

4) Flapless Implants:

​This is an enhanced technique which preserves the soft tissue architecture and also helps in an intact periosteum for maintaining better blood supply. Placing the Implants without opening the gum results in very minimal bleeding and post-operative pain.It requires a great skill on the part of the surgeon to visualize anatomic structures and vital landmarks to place the implants without opening the flap.

5) Immediate loading:

​The idea of remaining without teeth or wearing ill fitting dentures can be psychologically challanging. Innovation in the clinical techniques resulted in immediate loading of Implants which can be defined as “placing the implants and restoring the functionality in a short span of three days”

The benefits being:

  1. Condensed overall treatment time.
  2. Ease during the treatment period.
  3. Enhanced vocal and esthetic features.

Introduction of immediate loading of implants has proven to be quite successful to shorten the treatment time and avoid an edentulous phase and regain the patient confidence.